All August training for ptl/second session swimmers as follows:
Tues 15 August 5.45-6pm intro to pre-pool muscle activation exercises on poolside by Marty Loughran
6-8(2hrs) SWIM (6 lanes)
Thurs 17 August (5.45-6pm pre pool as tues but coach led
6-7pm SWIM
7.15-8pm fitness in main hall @ CLC with Mitchell Greer
Tues 22 August 5.45-6pm coach led pre pool
6-8pm SWIM led by Mark Craig + CASC coaches
Thurs 24 August 5.45-6pm coach led pre pool
6-7pm SWIM
7.15-8pm fitness with Mitchell Greer in main hall @ CLC
Tues 29 August as 22 but pre pool & swim session led by Andrew Reid & CASC coaches
Thursdays 31 August as previous Thursdays.

Mon am sessions not beginning until second Monday in September.

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