Due to a season of hugely successful fundraising sponsorship from local businesses the committee of Cookstown Amateur Swimming Club have decided to provide the current members with a net kit bag containing fins, pull buoy, kickboard, hand paddles and snorkel.

The value of each bag is £60 but the charge to each swimmer will be £30.

We feel that a lot of precious training time is lost looking for fins, kickboards and pull buoys and snorkels and hand paddles are additional valuable training gear.

The bags will be available for distribution on Tuesday 19 December and it would make our job a lot easier if everybody collected their bags and pay on Tuesday because we are not able to store them at the leisure centre and it is unfair to expect committee to store and carry them back and forwards until all purchases are made therefore we would really appreciate your cooperation.

We hope the swimmers enjoy having ownership of their new training aids and that they feel the benefit of them in their swimming.

It is ESSENTIAL that all kit is clearly named with a permanent marker before bringing onto poolside in January.
For hygiene reasons snorkels should be submerged in MILTON sterilising fluid regularly.

Committee and coaches

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