Cookstown swimming club tragically lost a young member to suicide last year. David Shrestha was a great sportsman, fun, caring and extremely well liked by everyone. We want to raise funds for the Niamh Louise Foundation and do what we can to help improve the mental health and emotional wellbeing of our youth and promote suicide awareness. We are organizing a fundraising event on September 29th in the Tullylagan House hotel Cookstown which will be open to everyone.
The evening will involve a sponsored Firewalk, a range of speakers, activities and support organisations which we hope will help build resilience, confidence, and self-belief in our children and young people, helping them to become the best version of themselves that they possibly can be, whether that be in their sporting, academic or personal lives. We are also being supported in the event by Cookstown Fr. Rocks GFC, Cookstown Hockey Club, Cookstown Youth, Cookstown Boxing Club and Dungannon Rugby Club, which will promote the event to a wide range of children and young people.
Please help us in promoting this event, by liking and sharing our posts. Thank you!

Registration for the event is now open on the About -> Fundraising page.

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